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We want to be the #1 source for Mixed Martial Arts Fans Worldwide and we won’t stop until we are.

Our love for MMA started in the early 2,000’s. It was definitely the UFC that got us into it and still today it’s our favorite promotion and fight company.

It’s hard to say which fight got us into the UFC but it probably was Anderson Silva. It was Silva, Georges St. Pierre, and later Brock Lesnar that got us into it forever.

Anderson Silva Dodging Forrest Griffin

We can’t forget to name other fighters that also entertained us and made us want to watch like Chuck Lidell, BJ Penn, the Diaz Brothers (Nick and Nate) and there are many other pioneers of the sport but we’re focused here on what brought 90’s babies into the sport.

The beginning of our love was when we used to go to the movie theatres and watch UFC fights on pay-per-view like when GSP fought Dan Hardy.

Another important part of our MMA journey was the first UFC Undisputed game on Xbox. That just made us so much more immersed in the sport because every other sport we were into we further immersed ourselves by playing their games (even WWE or WWF).

Nick Diaz Taunts Anderson Silva

That’s just a little bit about why we love this sport and we’ll have much more on our about page.

This sport is still a baby and it’s going to keep blowing up especially with Dana White at the helm of the UFC and superstars like Conor McGregor. We want to be the best website for the best sport in the world.

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