When you're training for an MMA fight one of the most important things to train is your ground and pound. You would never go all out on your sparring partner but if you have a grappling dummy it allows you to simulate a finish in the cage. 

Using a grappling dummy will allow you to pretend like you have your opponent on the ground and you can unload elbows, punches and hammer fists as hard as you want and simulate that real situation. This is the only way to train for that situation.

A dummy also allows you to practice throws, takedowns, BJJ positions and submissions without the use of a partner. Especially in times when you're not at the gym or can't be at the gym, having a dummy is essential to keeping your mixed martial arts game strong. 


Product Name



Ring to Cage Grappling Dummy 3.0 

Combat Sports Grappling Dummy

Celebrita Grappling Dummy

Deagle Grappling Dummy

Daan Grappling Dummy

Century Grappling Dummy

Title Grappling Dummy

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The 3.0 Version has added hands and feet to the grappling dummy. It's made with heavy duty polyester coated vinyl.

This dummy is the closest you can get to a real person because it can sit and can stretch out and simulate all Jiu JItsu, Wrestling and MMA positions. 

Comes in Adult or Youth Size. The adult size is around the height of a 6 foot man and weighs about 70 lbs. 

The kids size is like a 4.5 foot kid and around 35 lbs. 

Comes in 4 Colors for Adult Size and 1 Color for Kids

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This dummy is made with military grade vinyl and durable nylon that's super easy to clean. It's perfect for practicing striking on the ground, wrestling and grappling/Jiu Jitsu submissions. 

It's a life size grappling dummy that has arms and legs so you can practice all positions and submissions that you want to train. 

There are two sizes 70lbs and 120lbs

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The dummy comes unfilled and depending on what material you use to fill it with it can get up to 100lbs. 

It is positioned on its knees when sitting or on it's elbows when laying down to simulate the turtle position, quarter guard, full guard, sprawl and side control. 

The legs are curved at 90 degrees with the hips. 

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DEAGLE Grappling Dummy

This product comes unfilled and it is recommended that you fill it with polyester or cotton. It's hand stitched and made with durable material.

The arms are extended for a more realistic training partner. The legs, arm, waist and head can move. So it can be positioned seated are full length lying down on the ground.

Has a target on the face for striking.

It's about 6 feet and up to 70lbs and comes in 3 Colors.

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This dummy is made with heavy duty durable synthetic leather. It has high quality stitching, inner lining, and zippers.

It is 70 inches with hands and feet that allow you to train wrist locks, heel hooks, ankle locks, foot locks, knee bars and toe holds. The shoulder joint is velcro which allows you to rotate it 360 degrees to practice several submissions.  

It has a target on the face to practice your ground and pound. Also comes unfilled.

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This dummy is perfect for training judo throws, wrestling takedowns, grappling and submissions. The material used is thick cut durable vinyl that's imported.

It has reinforced lace stitching on all the points that get stressed the most. The arms are poseable so you can adjust them to your needs for MMA training. 

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The cover is made with extremely strong and durable triple-ply synthetic leather. This is the only dummy on this list that comes with a chain attachment that you can use to hang up the dummy. Of course the chain can be removed as well. 


If you train MMA or BJJ then having a grappling dummy is a necessity. You're not always going to have a partner to train with and training at home on your spare time is what's going to help you take your skills to another level. There are times when you may not be able to get to a gym and having something that you can use at home to train is all you will have.

Things to Consider

Flexibility: depending on your needs you may want a grappling dummy with stiff legs or curved legs. Also you may want some adjustability in the arms. For wrestling and striking you'll want a dummy with stiff legs like the Combat Sports or Century grappling dummies. If you're working on your submissions then you'll want to have a dummy that has curved legs so you can work on your guard positions and submission locks and chokes. 

Material: look for high quality synthetic leather, vinyl or nylon for the cover. Also make sure to fill your dummy with good material like poly fillers or cotton. Also for durability look for reinforced stitching on the high stress areas.

Height/Weight: depending on your size will determine how big your dummy should be. Also consider that you want your dummy to be a slight challenge to maneuver but not as heavy as a real person so you don't exert more energy than necessary. 

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