Did you know that many MMA fighters use different pairs of gloves depending on the kind of training they will be doing?

Many trainers use more than one pair of gloves and depending on your own skill level and the path you see yourself taking in the ring, you also may need more than one down the road.

Looking for Mixed Martial Arts gloves can be a lot more difficult than it seems. You have to consider many things, such as the type of training or sparring you would like to complete, the price of the gloves, and especially the quality of the gloves.

Since most are created solely to protect your hands and wrists, it is important to look at a wide range of gloves so that you can find one that suits you best and will last.

We have compiled a list of our favorite MMA gloves currently available, describing all pros and cons of each pair so that you are able to find the one that suits your budget and protection needs best.


Product Name



Hayabusa T3 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves

image of RDX F12 MMA Gloves

RDX F12 MMA Gloves

Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

Everlast Pro Style MMA Gloves

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

image of RDX T2 MMA Gloves

RDX T2 MMA Gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis MMA Gloves

Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves

Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves

UFC Official Fight Gloves

Glove Type

Different designs are needed for different kinds of activities. In the MMA realm, three different designs are needed:

This type of Mixed Martial Arts glove offers a segmented design that has pads that cover most of the knuckles but offer just enough room for grappling purposes.

Minimal padding is required for competitive Mixed Martial Arts gloves. They are light in weight and the fingers are completely separated to allow for full grappling.

Heavier than other styles, the sparring glove is meant for heavy bag workouts and requires a weight of at least 6 to 7oz for protection.

Glove Size

Protecting your hand and wrist is a huge safety concern when using Mixed Martial Arts gloves. In order to find the best suited gloves for your hands, you must find the best fitting size.

Palm Circumference
Most listed products will have a size chart that will show you how to measure your hand. The best way to measure is to measure the circumference of your palm and match it to the appropriate size.

Common Measurements:
Small - 6” to 7”
Medium - 7” to 8”
Large - 8” to 9”
X-Large - 9+”

Glove Weight

The weight of your glove is very important depending on the type of activity you will be doing. The more padding and weight on the glove, the less ability to grapple and freely move your fingers.

More padding equals more protection. Less padding means less protection but more movement.

Training/Grappling: 4-6oz
Competition: 4-6oz
Sparring: 6-10oz

Top 10 MMA Gloves For Sparring, Training, and Competition

4.5 of 5 Stars

The Hayabusa T3 MMA gloves make for an excellent starting glove and overall glove for any level of athlete.

The tight fit and low weight, at 4oz, supports combat, sparring, and any MMA training.

These gloves also offer a pre-curved design and a Y-Volar design. The pre-curved design is intended to reduce hand fatigue so that you are able to gain endurance.

The Y-Volar design assists in stability and makes sure that the gloves are secure at all times when you strike or grapple.
The details in craftsmanship easily helped this product enter our top 10 as the only issue is the initial break-in period.

After a few uses, the gloves are extremely comfortable.


  • 5 colors to choose from
  • Pre-curved design to reduce hand fatigue
  • Ultra-durable outer shell


  • Can feel tight at first, until they are broken in

image of RDX F12 MMA Gloves
4.5 of 5 Stars

These gloves can be used for many different kinds of combat sports including mma, kickboxing, cage fighting, and Muay Thai.

It is offered in four different colors and includes leather to provide better traction and wear and tear.

They are manufactured with a cut palm-side design to allow for breathability and ventilation.

With any sport or exercise, your palms can get sweaty. With gloves it is important that you find a pair that gives room for air drying.

RDX MMA gloves are triple padded to help with shock absorption which is especially helpful with training using a heavy bag. The padding helps protect from injury.


  • 100% Maya hide leather
  • Infused Shock Dispersion Sheet to assist with impact
  • Convenient EZ Hook and Loop closure
  • Four great colors to choose from


  • Sizes can vary by color
  • Longer break-in period

4.5 of 5 Stars

While some mixed feelings about these Venum gloves do exist, these gloves make it to our list because they have improved on their design in releasing these 2.0 MMA gloves.

The new design on these gloves are made with higher quality leather and have added layers of foam to better protect our hands and wrists.

They also include a Velcro strap system that is designed for single hand positioning.

We especially love the wrist support as training and participating in combat supports does have an impact on your wrists. It is very important that any pair of gloves offer this kind of support.

Even with the wrist protection and added layer support, you will still need to wrap your hands underneath to protect your knuckles from injury.

These gloves are designed to last through tough battles. The Venum Undisputed 2.0  MMA gloves are reasonably priced for the quality you are receiving as well!


  • Made in Thailand with high quality leather
  • Tons of layered foam for added protection
  • Designed to last using high density threading


  • Not as suitable for conditioning

MMA Gloves for Beginners

4 of 5 Stars

If you are just entering the game, these may be the perfect gloves for you.

The Everlast brand has become synonymous with Mixed Martial Arts and boxing and it is very easy to see just why.

These gloves are very breathable and have antimicrobial treatment to prevent any odors from forming, keeping them as fresh as can be.

They also offer a foam technology that is great for protecting your hands.

Everlast provides a 120-day warranty period that will replace any products that may be defective or not suitable for you.

These comfortable training gloves are made with synthetic leather that is of premium quality and perfect for any mixed martial arts activities like grappling and sparring.

They are very affordable and the best beginner’s glove for all.


  • Great for keeping your hands dry
  • Full wrist strap for greater wrist support
  • Extremely durable


  • Not meant for heavy bag

4.5 of 5 Stars

These Venum Challenger MMA gloves follow their predecessor well. They are a great tool and the best Mixed Martial Arts gloves for grappling.

The gloves offer reinforcement around the finger and thumb openings so that you can grapple very easily without injury.

In fact, each finger and thumb opening is individually reinforced with 4 oz density.

The high-density threading and layered foam also add to the shock absorption and overall protection you will feel.

The additional support makes these gloves good for training, sparring, and fighting in the cage.

Like other Venum products, the Challenger gloves also offer a hook and loop closure system that helps anyone put on the gloves and adjust them as needed with ease.

The Challenger gloves are very comfortable and very moderately priced.

They come in three different style patterns to choose from.


  • Reinforced finger and thumb openings
  • Double closure system
  • Layered foam that provides better shock absorption


  • No Nappa leather used in the gloves

MMA Gloves for Grappling

image of RDX T2 MMA Gloves
4.5 of 5 Stars

Offered in a clean and simple black or black and gold design, these RDX MMA grappling gloves get straight to the point and serve their purpose well.

They are strengthened using authentic cowhide leather.

They are equipped with a contoured padding curve that helps protect our hands from shock-impact and comfortably fit over any sized hand.

One feature we and many others seek in Mixed Martial Arts gloves is breathability as you work out.

These gloves do amazingly well in this department using an advanced inner lining that fights bacteria away, leaving the gloves odorless.

A hook and loop strap is used in this grappling glove model to both support your wrists while also making adjustments easier and more comfortable.

The stitching on this glove is also reinforced and hand crafted.

Note: These can be used for sparring or any training. They are not for grappling only


  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Very Comfortable


  • Wears out over time

4 of 5 Stars

Like many other Mixed Martial arts gloves, these Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis gloves take some to break in. However, these gloves do work great and are worth the wait.

The ergonomically supported 30% pre-curve design on this product is a great addition to any glove as it supports long term use and endurance.

By designing gloves in this manner, the user can be protected and keep going longer.

These gloves are designed in a simple, focused black and grey color scheme and are offered only in X-large size.

Determining whether a price may be worth it for a product is an individual journey, however, based on the numerous reviews most seem to agree that this product is worth it. 


  • Pre-curve design to reduce hand injury
  • Patented wrist closure for power and protection
  • Open palm design to keep hands cool


  • Only offered in a size X-large

4 of 5 Stars

These Sanabul Forged MMA gloves are perfectly sized for all grappling, training, and competing needs.

While these are Mixed Martial Arts gloves, they use SBL engineered leather to enhance the comfort and durability throughout use.

The lining of these Sanabul gloves are fit with antimicrobial properties to help prevent bacterial grown and odor production.

A big seller in this product is that you will not have to worry about switching gloves when grappling or striking.

Because these are well padded and are light in weight (4oz), they can easily be used for both types of actions.

The only part in which people may feel differently about is the use of one long over-strap versus the use of double-strapped gloves.

I personally have used both depending on the type of activity and have noticed that sometimes the fit can be a bit more awkward when only one strap is used.

Overall, this is still a terrific product.


  • Three sleek colors
  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Long over-strap for secure fit


  • Single wrist strap instead of double strap
  • Padding can feel awkward

Kids Gloves for MMA

4 of 5 Stars

One of a few products that offer sizes for youth, these Combat Sports MMA gloves are perfect for any child or adult just starting out.

They are built primarily for Muay Thai training but can be used for any training or grappling needs.

These gloves cover all bases for anyone wanting to compete professionally as they have made sure to meet all state regulations.

They weight about 5-ounces, slightly more than other grappling gloves.

The extra padding design supports increased safety for both the wearer and opponent they are facing.

The very enticing colors offered on this product have increased its popularity greatly.

Colors such as electric blue, neon green, red, neon yellow, and many others support confidence and mood for users of this glove.


  • Eight very vibrant colors
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for kids


  • Doesn't last as long as other gloves
  • Not for long-term sparring
4.5 of 5 Stars

Lined with antibacterial properties is the first great feature of this product. The UFC gloves are also layered with gel protection to lessen the shock impact on users.

We have come to greatly appreciate any glove that implements a pre-curved design as it boosts endurance tremendously. These gloves offer this pre-curved design and protects hands well.

Another added factor to this product is that it is a UFC official product adding a higher expectation for quality.

It offers premium leather in its construction to support both durability and comfort.

The gloves also have a hook-loop closure that is rigid to give the best fit they can to all users. The fit feels secure and does not feel like it is moving around while training.

This is a premium product at a premium price but well worth it.


  • Great knuckle and wrist protection
  • Open palm design for ventilation


  • Limited padding on thumb

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect pair of MMA gloves is about as easy as finding anything that requires a perfect fit. It takes plenty of time and consideration, both in budget and in purpose.

In this guide, we sought to find and compile the best MMA gloves available for all of the three subcategories of combat training in an effort to best help you find the right pair in as little time.

Each pair of Mixed Martial Arts gloves listed in this guide can become the perfect pair for you. Using this as a tool, we truly hope you find the best pair for you and all of your Mixed Martial Arts needs.

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