UFC Official Fight Gloves

All fighters in the UFC must fight in the octagon with these UFC Official Fight Gloves. With the UFC being the most popular MMA promotion, this is an extremely popular pair of gloves.

It has a pre-curved design and gives fighters a fit that is very comfortable and secure. Of course it has an open palm so that fighters can grapple. 

This pair of gloves offers a lot of flexibility and a full range of motion the hands. It's made with premium high quality leather. 

Like many other gloves it also has a dual-locking closure strap system that gives fighters that support needed for the hands and wrists without losing any comfort. 

  • Open finger and palm design and ventiliation
  • Free Thumb
  •  Pre-curved gel protects reduces impact on knuckles.
  •  Premium leather construction adds durability and secures the hands/wrists.
  • Comfortable Fit


  • Used by the UFC fighters in every UFC event
  • High Quality Leather
  • Great Wrist/Hand Support
  • Very Comfortable


  • No Thumb Padding

Quick Note

These are also available for women! 

When you click to check the price on Amazon, it will give you the option for men's or women's.


There can be so many reasons why you want to buy the UFC Official Fight Gloves. You may really love the UFC and you train MMA for fun and you want to feel like the UFC World Champion.

Or you may be an aspiring UFC fighter and you want to visualize being in the UFC during your training. Conor McGregor is a huge believer in visualization and the law of attraction.

The secret is “If you have a clear picture in your head that something is going to happen and a clear belief that it will happen no matter what then nothing can stop it. It is destined to happen. It’s perfect.”

So whether you love the UFC and want to feel like one of the fighters or you want to be fighting in the UFC one day, or you want to give a cool gift to your friends or your kids, it's a piece of memorabilia that can be used for your training.

Other UFC Gloves Available

UFC 5oz MMA Gloves 

4.5 of 5

  • Ideal for Grappling and Training
  • Less expensive than the Official Gloves
  • Synthetic Leather

Final Thoughts

There's no question that the UFC is synonymous with MMA. There are many people that refer to the sport of Mixed Martial arts as UFC. Today, the UFC is a huge global company that has millions of fans and is rivaling other sport leagues like the NBA and the NFL.

It's only a matter of time that the UFC becomes that big. Especially with superstars like Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, and hopefully soon Israel Adesanya and Weili Zhang.

It all started at UFC 1 when Royce Gracie beat Ken Shamrock. In the old times, the people who fought in the UFC came from some sort of background in martial arts, typically wrestling, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The prospects coming into the UFC now were born after or around the same time as UFC 1 and they have been training mixed martial arts their whole career. They didn't have to learn anything new.

So for the kids today that dream of being in the UFC, they can start visualizing now by using the UFC Official Fight Gloves in their training sessions.

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We are a team of brothers that fell in love with MMA around the time Strikeforce and the UFC merged. We spent a lot of time playing UFC Undisputed in between fight cards but we have done our research on the best MMA gear and we hope you find our information useful.